Recommended Favorite Books

Remem, Kitchen Table Wisdom

Kitchen Table Wisdom.

"Real stories take time. We stopped telling stories when we started to lose that sort of time, pausing time, reflecting time, wondering time. Life rushes us along and few people are strong enough to stop on their own. Most often, something unforeseen stops us and it is only then we have the time to take a seat at life's kitchen table" By Rachel Naomi Remen, MD.

Einstein's Dreams

Einstein's Dreams.

Every unlimited possibility of time and the universe plays out before your eyes. The moment's moment. The infinite possibilities of varied perception. If you have ever dared to dream through another's ideas... Simply wonderful. By Alan Lightman

Sophie's World

Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy

is a wonderful fantasy story within which is the story of most of the major philosophers from Greek/Roman times to Hawking and the modern concept of the "Big Bang". Easy read and it puts a good time line together for where in history each philosopher was and what it was like to live in those times. By Jostein Gaarder

Van Doren

A History of Knowledge : Past, Present and Future.

An outstanding history book. It is written and organized in a way that it does not concentrate on facts, dates, and a needless list of famous people. I have enjoyed reading it tremendously. I was able to take an amazing appreciation for the interrelatedness of thousands of years of history from this book. By Charles Van Doren

Rituals of Dinner

The Rituals of Dinner : The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities, and Meaning of Table Manners

This is a journey through the different acceptable eating habits throughout history from cannibalistic Aztecs to modern day Yuppie manners. A facinating book that "puts you at the table" of the historical time being described. Sometimes it is quite frightening and unbelieveable! By Margaret Visser

Material World

Material World : A Global Family Portrait.

A wonderful "zoom in" view of the cultural differences around the globe for what families hold near and dear. What we treasure and value is culturally and environmentally acquired for sure. There is also a CDROM to go with the book that is very informative and enlightning. It shows how we are all different but the same. By Peter Menzel, Charles C. Mann, Paul Kennedy
Material World CDROM

Uncommon Wisdom

Uncommon Wisdom : Conversations With Remarkable People

This book is a preface to Capra's huge book "The Turning Point" where Fritjof reflects on the conversations with incredible thinkers that enabled him to create the Turning Point. There is a video out called MindWalk (obscure, but some video stores have it as a rental) that helps to show the interconnectedness of how everything seems to work here on earth. A thought provoking book that requires a bit of pondering. By Fritjof Capra


The Way of the Bull

This is an old book of Leo Buscaglia's where he journeys to find himself - gets rid of all his material posessions and goes to Asia to learn the eastern way. Some insights to eastern medicine here too. By Leo F. Buscaglia

Celestial Auspicious

Celestially Auspicious Occasions : Seasons, Cycles, & Celebrations

This book is about the different ways cultures have ritualized the seasons, the passage of time, and the cycles of the earth with different traditions and understandings. Explains the origins of many of today's holidays, and happenings including Halloween and Blue Moons. It is a history of cross cultural interpretations of celestial events. By Donna Henes, Urban Shaman, Joonbee Lee (Illustrator)

Artist's Way @ Work

The Artist's Way at Work

This book is about capturing your creativity and becoming whole. Being truthful to yourself and learning your inner voices that impede or encourage you in your creativy. It guides you toward reconnection with your own values, history, and integrity. This book will change your life. By Mark Bryan with Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen

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