When we lost Dieter, the house was so bare with only three cats, I went back to the North East Animal Shelter in Salem and found Dusty. He is a beautiful orange tabby who loves lots of attention and is a good "twin" for Darwin after the loss of Desmond his real brother.

Dusty Bailey is the new pair-mate to Darwin Bailey. Both are big yellow tabbies and look a bit like twins. Dusty is a homebody and doesn't like to go out much beyond the driveway. We have yet to see him catch a mouse. In that way he is very unlike Darwin who is a killer. Dusty loves to take out his cat toys from the box all by himself and plays mostly with Squirt around the house. Every new person who comes in the house is greeted by Dusty and he gives them headbutts and purrs for attention. He is a lover and it is too bad that Dino hates him still after 4 months of him living with us. Dino does not allow Dusty upstairs period. If I carry Dusty upstairs and put him in the front hall, Dino will fight and growl at him for 3 days after and be a regular jerk!

More Twins of Different Mothers!

This is Dusty up close.

What a mouth!

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