Sadly, Desmond got into some poison and died 3 days later. We miss him dearly.

Desmond Bailey is the litter mate to Darwin Bailey. Both are big yellow tabbies and looked like twins when they were little kittens. Desmond is the nature boy of the two, sometimes taking a 2 to 3 week walk about. One time he came home after being gone for 3 weeks and was all scraggly and weak. It turns out that he got locked in a house that was under construction and the workmen had taken a 3 week break! Poor Desi - he never quite approached a food dish in the same way after that - he gulps and finishes what ever is in front of him. He used to push his food around and not care as much. One of the funiest things he does is eat Doritos - He actually will go into the kitchen all by himself, rip open the bag of Doritos and munch down a half a bag! When you are eating dinner, he takes his paw and tries to swipe off what he considers his share off your plate - no manners!

Doesn't Desmond have the nicest stripes on his tail!

This is Desmond as a kitten - he always was quite vocal. When he wants to go out he cries "me-out" "me-out"

This isn't really Desi but I think it looks just like him as a kitten!

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