Sadly, Duncan has passed away to the other side of life. The heart worms got him in the end. He will be remembered fondly, always. Dieter misses him too.
Duncan Bailey is the litter mate to Dieter Bailey. Duncan has several nick names such as "Mother Duncan", "Doggie Boy", and "Barf Boy". "Mother Duncan" always waits until all cats have returned from the woods before he will come inside. Sometimes he goes out in search of the younger ones (i.e., Dominic and Dino) and returns home with them safe and sound. "Doggie Boy" is just that...He behaves like a dog. He comes when called, he follows you everywhere and he fetches balls. Unfortunately, "Barf Boy" has heart worms (very rare in cats) and barfs "in threes" when ever he gets the urge - Usually twice a week only with the help of Lactose a product that comes out like tooth paste. Duncan laps it up off my finger. He used to barf every day! Duncan is a really nice loving cat, tho. He loves to wash your face and gives you more attention than you might like :) Below is a picture of Duncan and Boo. Duncan adopted Boo in the driveway over a series of weeks. See the Boo section for more on that story!

Boo and Duncan lounging on the wood pile

This is Duncan as a baby kitten - So Sweet!

This is Duncan and Dieter as teenage kittens with Nigbee acting as the babysitter! They are loving their tree and still do.





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