Dino Bailey is the "twin of different mothers" to Dominic Bailey. Dino and Dominic were saved from the animal shelter together while a special visitor from Australia was here. Our friend from Australia came with me to the shelter and picked out Dino and Dominic as twins even though they were from different cages and Dino was a bit larger/older. Dino had a great big bulging hernia under his belly, so we took him to the vet and she fixed him up "like new".

Where both cats are black and white and look pretty slick, we decided to give them Italian names - Italian Stalions! It was funny when we brought them home because they were so small but were fierce when the other cats were tough on them. Eventually they won the hearts of the other cats and they all live in peace together.

Frank calls Dino his shoulder cat because it is the only way he will let you "carry" him! He is very loving and has little rituals he goes thru in the bathroom with you while you are getting ready for work - he loves the water faucet running so he can lap it up.
Shoulder Boy!

Dino and Dom in a basket as kittens.

Dino on the bed.





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